Budget Tips: Custom Apparel + Promo Items

Everyone wants to save money and time whenever possible. When it comes to working with a print provider like us, Inkfinity Printing, we want to save time and money too. Fortunately, what saves you time and money will also save us time and money… we both win! Here are some tips and things to consider to help your bottom line. … Read More

Tools of the Marketing Trade

Ever thought to yourself, “I wish I could find a great new font for this ad,” or maybe, “I don’t have a single image that fits this message.” Well, there are a lot of free resources today to help you in everything from design, fonts, mockups, stock video, stock photos, color pickers, and so many things in between. Let’s just … Read More

Validation, Brand and Product Perspective

We are all guilty of the “because I think it will work rationalization,” but a little forethought can really focus your intention and overall success of following the trusty gut. Whether you’re an intern, a CEO, or any else in between, you should check out the read online at Entrepreneur Magazine on how to evaluate from a brand and product … Read More

Mobile Marketing, Know When To.

Without a doubt, smart phones and devices have become an extension of ourselves for many of the people you and your business interact with on a daily basis. Almost every business and organization can benefit from a good mobile presence but that doesn’t mean you should put all of your eggs in the mobile basket. Entrepreneur Magazine posted a great … Read More

What Is Private Label?

What is private label? It’s a loaded question, that’s what it is. Nevertheless, let’s dive right in and answer that question as best as we can. In its most simplistic form, private label is when another company, manufacturer or brand produces a product with your customer as the end-user. Everything about that product suggests that you manufactured it. They bought … Read More

17 Cheap Marketing Ideas

Cheap doesn’t have to refer to inferior quality, in these cases it relates to low cost with proven success. Done right, these measures can save you money on the bottom line, and who isn’t looking to do more of that?!? In a lot of businesses, the marketing budget is the first thing to be pruned, but needing to save on … Read More

10 Marketing Tactics for Shoe-String Budget

Too often, the concept of “marketing” scares businesses and entrepreneurs away from reaching their potential. Sure, marketing can be expensive and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be. With a little creativity and planning, it can be seamless and affordable! Check out the full article by Constant Contact here. The following is the condensed, meat-and-potatoes version… Create an Elevator Pitch: … Read More

Power of Promo Products

The article itself, posted by the New York Times, is a bit dated but it still has some really good insight on the power of promotional products, choosing an item best suited for your success. See the whole article here, but here’s what we liked…  How do companies find the right promotional item? Here are four suggestions: • Give items … Read More

Custom Apparel

These boxes could be headed to you custom printed, branded, and ready to spread to the word! We do all kinds of apparel. We’re talking t-shirts, sport shirts, polos, dress shirts, fleece, outerwear, headwear, bags… you name it! Whether it’s a screen-print, embroidered, Direct to Garment print, or heat transfer, we have it covered! Let us know what we can … Read More