Creative Marketing at its Best

I bet these car owners are thinking about Subaru a lot lately… Creative Guerrilla Marketing has the full-story. 

Winter in Canada sometimes leaves resident’s cars buried in snow; however, for 500 lucky residents, Subaru surprised them with a little special gift  this past year.

Knowing that the snow in Montreal would prevent some car owners from driving, the Subaru team ended up sticking snow shovels next to 500 cars between Mont-Royal street and Gilford street. The shovels had a small Subaru logo on it with a simple message: ‘While waiting for your all-wheel drive.”

The thing is, you don’t have to buy 500 custom printed shovels and wait on mother nature. Think about what it is your audience might be dealing with today, tomorrow and the next. How can you make their task-at-hand easier to accomplish. This can be stretched across so many realms. Be intentional.

How could you apply this concept to your marketing strategy? Come see us outside of the box.