Tools of the Marketing Trade

Ever thought to yourself, “I wish I could find a great new font for this ad,” or maybe, “I don’t have a single image that fits this message.” Well, there are a lot of free resources today to help you in everything from design, fonts, mockups, stock video, stock photos, color pickers, and so many things in between.

Let’s just jump right in…

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Save time and money with stock vector graphics that are 100% editable graphic design files. Maybe you’re looking for a cartoon character holding a sale signs, or maybe it’s a set of social media icons to spruce up your “Follow Us” content. Either way, check out these websites for quick start on any graphic design project.

FONTS: Do yourself a favor and break out of the Comic Sans, Papyrus, Times New Roman, and Impact font grip and step into the endless possibilities of great fonts that add personality, professionalism, branding and recognition. Font choices can make or break your message, use these options for searching and previewing free downloadable fonts.

MOCKUPS/TEMPLATES: The days of sending a screenshot of a business card front and back are long gone. Want to really spruce up your presentation on just about anything design and branding related? Check out the awesome sources for free templates and mockups of business cards, book covers, magazine ads, stationary, computers, phones, tablets and much more!

STOCK VIDEO: Free HD and 4K Video footage?!? Yes. And motion graphics templates too. These stock video sources can really add to your video project, whether it’s B-Roll footage or a attention-grabbing motion graphics logo intro.
Vimeo Free HD Free Collection

STOCK PHOTOS: Believe me, all of the near-perfect photos you see on advertisements, websites, and all else in between were not all taken by a photographer for hire for that specific ad or web banner. It’s a stock photo! And you can have great photos too! Don’t go overboard, stock photos can be easy to spot sometimes but they can also really increase your message’s presence.

COLOR PICKERS: Not everyone can pick out a great color palette and have others raving about the choices. That’s where color pickers can really save the day. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know a thing about color theory to get started on the right track. Browse popular swatches and complimenting palettes, or create your own by picking a few colors and see what combinations follow.
Adobe Color

With today’s internet of things, it’s silly to settle for below average branding and identity. You can’t use the “budget” excuse any longer. With a little mind-set correction, you’ll be well on your way to improving your brand presence like you never thought imaginable. And it won’t cost you a thing!

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