Validation, Brand and Product Perspective

We are all guilty of the “because I think it will work rationalization,” but a little forethought can really focus your intention and overall success of following the trusty gut.

Whether you’re an intern, a CEO, or any else in between, you should check out the read online at Entrepreneur Magazine on how to evaluate from a brand and product perspective. It’s actually a solid approach to addressing all decisions and initiatives in this ever-so-critical market we do business in daily.

Here’s what we got from it…

  • At the end of the day, your job is to ensure that decisions and initiatives are in-line with short-term and long-term goals alike.
  • Are you selling or educating? What’s your call to action? What do you hope to achieve? Is this the correct way to achieve those things? Broad, yes. But apply it to a single item at hand and the answer might be a bit more clear.

Read the full article here, and you should.