What Is Private Label?

What is private label? It’s a loaded question, that’s what it is. Nevertheless, let’s dive right in and answer that question as best as we can.

In its most simplistic form, private label is when another company, manufacturer or brand produces a product with your customer as the end-user. Everything about that product suggests that you manufactured it. They bought the product from you or one of your retailers, it contains your labels and tags, and no other company is shown as the provider of the product.

Take a t-shirt for example. Instead of a Hanes, Gildan, or any other company’s tags in the shirt, the tags would be the brand that is selling or promoting the product, your brand. The t-shirt may have its own tag for your brand seeking private label, your own printed design on the outside, it may be folded and individually bagged with hangtags, barcodes, etc.

Sticking to the t-shirt example, let’s look at a recent private label order for a customer. Our customer is a brand that produces a hard-good, their primary product is not apparel. But, they sell soft-goods like apparel as an additional revenue stream and to promote their business. So, their main product (hard-goods) is manufactured by them and they have no interest in producing their own apparel. That’s when they reached out to us, to produce their apparel line because that’s what we do. We can do it much more efficiently.

For this particular contract, we sourced the materials… for t-shirts, hoodies, and headwear. All of the items have their own tags in them, representing the company selling the end product. They have their own unique designs, and some have more finishings like patches and exterior clasp tags.

Once the product is finished – printed, tagged, etc., they are all folded and individually bagged based on their standards with a barcode added on the exterior of the bag for their inventory control. Then we ship it out. And before we know it, another successful private label order is complete and another customer is satisfied with their expectations fulfilled. They receive the product from us as an individually bagged t-shirt, for example, with all of their own tags and branding, with each size and style with a unique barcode for inventory control, ready to ship out as online sells come through and as their reps need product to promote.

In some cases, we create designs for the product, and in other cases the designs are provided by our customer’s design team. We offer creative services for concept, design, production, and all else in between. If you have an interest in keeping everything local, we can make it happen. If your interests are in large-scale overseas production, we can make that happen too.

No order is too big or too small. Do you think your company, brand or organization could take advantage of a private label fulfillment? Talk to us. We can provide accurate quoting and samples prior to full-scale production. Or maybe you just need a hybrid of private label and promotional printing, the options are endless. That’s where Inkfinity Printing comes in. We listen to your needs, understand your expectations, and make the appropriate steps to ensure the end product comes out exactly as you expected all while giving you the most impact with the end user.

Sure, there are many other areas that private label manufacturing can address, but hopefully this clears up some questions. We’ve recently had some customers asking, “So, what is private label?” That’s why we felt it necessary to address the topic. Maybe we left you with more questions than answers, feel free to send us a message so we can determine what’s best for you!